Dimitri Stefanov has established BECA Before Creating Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria. The Academy offers a range of photography courses and programs, aimed at all levels, from emerging photographers to established professionals. It was founded to provide talented photographers with quality educational opportunities and to encourage their professional development. Last but not least, BECA is committed at fostering creativity, individual approach and visual storytelling.


Dimitri has been giving photographic workshops and lectures in Spanish, English and Bulgarian, since 2015. These have included photography talks in partnerships with universities, companies and organisations, as well as tailored workshops around the world. Dimitri defines himself as a person, that needs to share his knowledge and experience with the next generation of visual storytellers.


Dimitri Stefanov believes that portfolio reviews and contests help talented authors to discover their own visual language and understand themselves as photographers. It is important to receive quality constructive feedback as well as useful professional guidelines. Dimitri has been conducting many one-to-one and group portfolio reviews at the Academy and during workshops, seminars etc. He has also been a jury in many photography contests in Bulgaria and Europe.

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