In Profundis


2009 - 2011, Northern Bulgaria


These photographs are part of a series called In Profundis conducted between 2009 and 2011 in Northern Bulgaria. When he was 13. Dimitri lost his beloved uncle. He remembers him being a strong man and his role model. But it happens that they've never said goodbye. Years later, trying to overcome the loss, Dimitri embarks on a difficult emotional journey photographing funerals in different Bulgarian villages. Maybe you're asking yourself, how a young boy with a camera happens to be admitted to these intimate events. Families mourning over their loved ones. The key to these people doors was honesty and empathy. Almost every photograph was shot with 28 mm lens. So it could be said, the photographer has really faced the death. In Profundis exposes the fragility of life and provokes reflection on what is truly valuable in life.